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Adventure Holiday in Madagascar

      The geography allowed people to create various activities in the nature. Either seeking for an adventure holiday pursuit or sightseeing ventures, there will be a great pleasure. Look forward to it and enjoy the time. We divided the activities based on the natural trigger which powers them. Make your adventure holiday unique by combining movements in the wind, water and earth environment..

Sport Center

 Spot Manager

IKO Instructor Level: 2

Languages: English, French, Arabic

Style: Free ride, Wave, New School


  • Sandy bottom
  • Side-onshore wind
  • No gusts
  • +4 years special equipment
  • Professional teaching


Rental Centre
  • Kitesurf
  • Windsurf
  • SUP
Tour Office
  • Visit attractions
  • Discover the local culture


Are there safe conditions for kids to experience this sports?

Our instructors and guides take masive responsability when dealing with children and use special equipment designed for them to have them safe. However, each sport demands a minimun age of participation.

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The school’s policy requires that all students wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson prices. All the kite control bars used by instructors/students and for rentals are fitted with a safety leash. All safety systems have been tested to ensure that they are in 100% working order.

All students learn how to use the safety systems from the first lesson. Lessons are only conducted while the wind conditions are below 30 knots.

All riders will be monitored in the bay and the rescue service cost 10 €. (Boat + equipment wash)



Activities powered by the wind are some of the most exciting ones because it allows people to discover and engage with the nature is unique manners while still enjoying thrilling sensations.

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Sup - discover mangrove forest


The amazing shore of the Indian Ocean is amazingly transforming the kayak and sup experiences. This Mangrove Forest is located between two rock islands located just next us.

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The surroundings are amazing and full of plenty things unique to Madagascar which can not be found somewhere else on earth. This Baobab has more than 700 years and it’s located close to us.

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TripAdvisor and Guestbook

“I am not doing kitesurf but I have joined my husband in the trips organised by the spot and was incredible. While he was kiting, I was admiring…”

Florentina, Couple Traveler - September 2016

“I also took kitesurfing lessons and wished I could stay longer. The decor was amazing, I think they really did a nice job with the rooms…”

Duckie, Single Traveller-August 2016