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Places to visit in Madagascar

Diana Region is one of the most spectacular in whole Madagascar. In the north it borders with the Indian Ocean and Mozambique Straight and in the south it borders with the regions of Sava to the southeast and Sofia to the southwest. The area of almost 20.000 km2 holds many of Madagascar’s most unique sights of nature and wildlife. There are several of Madagascar attractions in the area.

We listed below the main Madagascar attractions and some pictures. The Concierge Office, which is situated beside the reception, may help you with tips, info and booking for places to visit in Madagascar.

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We take care you know what places to visit in Madagascar!


Another Madagascar tourist attractions are Pigeon Bay and Dunes Bay, two gulfs with white sand accessible from Sakalava bay or by car from Ramena. A tax to the authorities should be paid. You can Kitesurf, Windsurf, Swim and even trek in this area.


Baie des Français is another mandatory Madagascar destination, a golf in which you can kite and see the amazing vulcano island of Pain de Sucra, where local traditional event take place. You can reach the bay easily by car.


Situated in the northeast part of the Madagascar Island, this sea is one of the most amazing in the world. The color of the water, shallow sandy-bottom, waves and various sand islands can make you a wonderful day. It is 10 km in the north and it can be reached by down-wind kiting or if you want a more enjoyable Madagascar trip ease on the local boats.


Diana Regions hosts most famous Natural Park. You can enter in caves or climb the Tsingy rocks,one of the mandatory Madagascar Destinations. Lots of Madagascar Lemurs and Chameleons can be spotted in this wonderful touristic area. There is a thrilling bridge crossing a Tsingy Valley that is quite amazing for vacations.The southern entrance of the park is situated in Mahamasina at the Route nationale 6 some 108 km south-west of Antsiranana Madagascar.


The base of a trail leading to the summit can be reached approximately 12 km by road from Antsiranana. A guide is recommended. The trail to the summit takes approximately 2 hours but it provides stunning views over the Diego Bay. The remains of several fortifications dating from the French colonial period can still be seen. These fortifications and the whole area around Diego were the scene of fierce fighting during World War II between the Vichy French occupiers and British forces.


One of Madagascar tourist attractions is The Red Tsingy, a stone formation of red laterite formed by erosion of the Irodo River in the region of Diana in northern Madagascar country.
It is situated approximately 60 km south of Antsiranana Madagascar near the town of Sadjoavato.


Discover during the bay the city streets, food market and the church and during the night we recommend to the groups of boys to visit the local discos and feel like Rockstars between malagasy girls, who can’t wait to meet foreigners. We can help you to reach the city. Check the Concierge Service.

Madagascar People are very friendly. You will see.


Located 1h from Mantasaly Madagascar Resort, there is the National Park, in Diana Region. The park is known for its water falls and crater lakes. This is one of the main madagascar attractions. Also the flora and fauna is very diverse. You can spot the Crowned Madagascar Lemur, Orchids, and much more. The smallest primate is the Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur and can be also spoted over here.


One of Madagascar country destinations is Sakalava Bay. It’s the next golf to the north, with a nice beach. This Madagascar Bay is similliar to the one in front of Mantasaly Madagascar Resort. You can go down-wind until there or by car. The distance until Sakalava Bay is 4 km.


Pirate Bay is an unusual destination on the east coast of Diego Suarez facing
the Indian Ocean. From the hotel, a 1:45 safari awaits you, passing through the fishing villages of Ivovona and Ambodivahibe through dry vegetation and red rocks to reach the marvelous white sand beaches of the pirate bays.


Located at the junction of Andovokonko Bay and Sakalava Bay, the marine caves offer a spectacle of beautiful and most astonishing natural landscapes. To get there, we offer a walk along the beach past a f orest of mangroves and cliffs. After visiting the caves, you can extend your walking direction to see the great Baobab of Sakalava (+ 400 years), a tree that is famous in Madagascar, spread almost throughout the island.