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Routes – How to arrive in Madagascar


To understand better how to arrive at this remote location we simplify it for you to understand better. First you must arrive in North Madagascar by airplane either Diego Suarez Airport or Nosy Be Airport and then transfer to Mantasaly Madagascar Resort.

The closest international airport is Diego Suarez Arachart Airport. Also known as Antsiranana, Diego Suarez is the biggest city in North Madagascar. It is the capital of Diana Region which has most of Madagascar’s Natural Wonders.

The next International Airport is Fascene Airport at 250 km in Nosy Be is an island of northwest coast of Madagascar country. Nosy Be is the largest and busiest resort from Madagascar country.

Airplane routes

  • Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna –> Addis Ababa -> Madagascar (DIE) Nosy Be (for Transfer with Bus / Jeep); Aprox: 24 h (CHEAPEST OPTION)
  • Europe -> Mayotte -> Madagascar (DIE) Diego Suarez / Antsiranana
    • Air Austral+ EWA  AIR; Aprox: 22 h  (FASTEST OPTION)
  • Europe -> Madagascar Nosy Be Airport (NOS) (for Transfer with Bus / Jeep)
    • Charter from Milan, Rome, Verona (NeosAir) Aprox: 22 h
  • China –> Antananarivo Madagascar -> Madagascar (DIE) Diego Suarez / Antsiranana
  • South Africa – Madagascar Antananarivo -> Madagascar (DIE) Diego Suarez / Antsiranana



Transfer from Airport to Mantasaly

After arriving in North Madagascar, the fastest way is by getting transfer from Diego Suarez Airport, but still if you want to explore Madagascar nature and Madagascar wildlife, you can take Bus/Jeep from Nosy Be Airport.

  • Diego Suarez Airport –> Mantasaly Madagascar Resort
    • Transfer with JEEP, sent by our Hotel (25 min)
    • Transfer with Taxi (40 min)
  • Nosy Be Airport –> Mantasaly Madagascar Resort
    • Transfer with Bus (5 hours)

Suggested websites to search for flights towards Madagascar:

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