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Resort in Madagascar


Laying on the Indian Ocean’s coast, the first part of this resort in Madagascar hosts the main building which is composed gathers the restaurant, bar, reception, lobby, sports centre, and shop while the second host the astonishing beach double room bungalows.


The resort is located 15 m above the water, right above the sand dues. From here, the view over the Andovokonko Bay and the surroundings is amazing.


This is the only resort in madagascar that was designed in such way that the main areas of interest (e.g.common or private terraces) to be quiet and calm, protected against the powerfull wind, while enjoying incredible views.  



Check below the list with the main points of interest from the private resort:


Further south on the dunes, 16 stunning beach Bugalows host 2 exquisite suites.
They are located on top of the dunes and offer an astonishing view over the Madagascar bay.

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Opened in June 2018, the Pool  area is situated on the lower grounds which makes it a perfect area to relax and experience Madagascar. A magnificent place to relax!



Waiting for you in a colonial design, Bois Vert Restaurant offers a variety of dishes and Madagascar food, made from ORGANIC aliments grown in Madagascar country.

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A Charming place with sitting both indoor and outdoor, awaits for you to conquer its pleasures. An ideal place to share daily experience in our private resort.

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A boutique with all sort of things which you may need, including kitesurf equipment and gear, various accessories for the beach or for other activities and even clothes and souvenirs.

Holiday Resort comfort


A place dedicated to children which includes a series of games for different ages. This area is supervised permanently.


Outdoor gym where you can train your body’s different parts, while enjoying the view.