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Windsurf & Kitesurfing Madagascar

All kitesurfing & windsurfing services are provided by the Lemur’s Sports Centre, fully operated by IKO kitesurfing instructors. Kitesurfing in Madagascar or windsurfing is a lifetime experience worth to be discovered.

Rent Kitesurfing Equipment Madagascar

Mantasaly provides premium equipment in order to achieve the best kitesurfing experiences! The kites and boards are from Core, Germany.The kitesurf accesories are coming from Mystic Netherlands, the leading company of kitesurf accesories industry.

Touch the water

After getting dragged by the kite through water, you will get the first impression of riding the board. Recommended for the challenging ones.

Learn in 6h. from €240

Become Kitesurfer

Learn from beginning until the final lessons which lets you ride alone and be confident; You will learn how to turn and the basics of jumping.

learn in 12h from €360

Relaxing days

For the ones who already know how to kite and don’t want to carry there own equipemnt, we offer premium renting services with Core and Mystic

Rent 3 days for €200

Kitesurfing Spot Madagascar

The resort was built in a kitesurfing environment, this spot is to be considered the best kitesurfing spot in Madagascar because you have everything you need in an area of 100m.

Live Weather

You can observe LIVE the wind in our location. For temperature, waves and other metrics, pleaase choose from the right bar.

Kitesurf & Windsurf Conditions



Full day flat water behind reef barrier

Waves – beyond reef barrier;

Down wind



Sandy bottom

Side-onshore wind

No gusts



+4 years special equipment

Professional teaching


This is the perfect place to spend your kitesurfing holidays in Madagascar for two reasons: Daily wind and Integrated facilities. Kitesurfing in Madagascar was never so comfortable before.

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There are many nice stories about windsurfing in Madagascar however once experienced, it will be never forgeted. Enjoy a cozy stay while windsurfing in Madagascar.

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