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Kitesurf in Madagascar

This is the perfect place to spend your kitesurfing holidays in Madagascar for two reasons: Daily wind and Integrated facilities. Kitesurfing in Madagascar was never so comfortable before.

Land and your kite and take a pause at the outdoor terrace of the Restaurant. Grab a refreshing drink from BaoBar  and eat a fresh lunch from the finest cuisine while watching your friends do kiting without losing any sight of what happens on water.


Kitesurfing School Madagascar

Private Kitesurf Lessons: dedicated learning with instructor

Group Kitesurf Lessons: the group size vary between 2 and 4 people


We provide a full rescue service, from bringing you safe and then preparing back the equipment.


1 h – Private: €65 Group:€50
3 h – Private: €150 Group: €120

Learn the beginning and let yourself dragged by the kite through water. Get the first impression of the kite.


6 hours – Private: €280 Group: €240
9 hours – Private: €360 Group: €320

After getting dragged by the kite through water, you will get the first impression of riding the board. Recommended for the challenging ones.

PRO 12 H

Private: €480
Group: €360

Learn from beginning until the final lessons which lets you ride alone and be confident; You will learn how to turn and the basics of jumping.


The school’s policy requires that all students wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson prices. All the kite control bars used by instructors/students and for rentals are fitted with a safety leash. All safety systems have been tested to ensure that they are in 100% working order. 

Rent Kitesurf in Madagascar

You can rent premium equipment in order to achieve the best kitesurf experience! The kites and boards are from Core and the kitesurfing accessories are from Mystic Netherlands. There is equipment for any riding style and for any type of environment.


Opening hours: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm



3h – 70

6h – 80


3 days – 200

7 days – 300


2 weeks – 500

3 weeks – €650


Are you organising kitecamps?

You found the perfect place! Booked really in advance, a trip with daily wind can be amazing. You can reach us at contact@mantasaly.com. Mentioned in the Topic KiteCamp Madagascar for a special promotion!


We are open to any kind of collaboration. We have all the necessary kites and equipment for these conditions.

More students?

Don’t worry, the house instructors are ready to aid in every scenario.

Airplane Tickets

We suggest to book the tickets within an interval of 1 years, but more then 3 months.



-All semi private courses are composed 2 people that will the share kite/board and one instructor.

-Every Level has one hour of theoretical content (IKO STANDARDS) which is given on the beach or in the classroom, depending on the wind condition

-Non-show/delayed customers who have prebooked and prepayed lesson time will forfit their lesson.

-Breaks are not included in lessons. If a customer requests for a break, it will be counted as lesson time.

-In all prices rescue service and the gear needed are included.


-50% of the kitesurfing course fee is payable on arrival and the following 50% on completion of half of the course.

-On non completion of courses you will be charged the highest applied hourly rate for any course or lesson.


-On completion of 80% of the practical part of the kitesurfing course no refund will be given.

-Cash payments will be refunded in cash minus the vat.

-Credit card payments cannot be refunded in cash and must be redeemed in goods from the store or in lesson vouchers.