Mantasaly Resort, Andovokonko Bay, Diego Suarez, Madagascar - Reservation (+261) 320316601

Fishing, Snorkeling & Spearfishing

The waters of North Madagascar are among few areas of the planet still virgin and still accessible.
The marine bio-diversity is preserved by the lack of industrial fishing and by the 7 to 8 months winding, locally named “Varatraza”.
Coral platforms around Mantasaly private bay are alive and far from those with which travelers are accustomed to the usual destinations.
The shapes and colors of the corals are incredible and there is unimaginable variety of fish. Due to this specificity, some coral platforms are declared marine protected reserves such as the “Ivovona” marine protected area. The small depth makes Snorkeling a great show, fishing with traditional canoe, trawling or spear gun is all an option in hot water where there is no risk of shark attacks.