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Windsurf in Madagascar

Madagascar is known to be the finest place for windsurfing in the world due to its guaranteed ideal wind conditions from April to November.
At Mantasaly, we provide a complete package to windsurfers with special windsurf Madagascar spots, access to private beach and bay. You can also enjoy different water level depths—ranging from flat to shallow to wave—depending on your comfort and expertise in windsurf.
Apart from windsurf in Madagascar, you can also enjoy the special trip in hot water where you can enjoy freely without any fear of shark attacks. Check out all the services and facilities offered by us:

Store your equipment at Mantasaly Spot
Rent one of our storage boxes to deposit all the gear you brought with you.
Also included:
WIFI access
Beach boy for safe starting and landing
Safety parking

For Mantasaly guest is FREE
All services included in the rate below:

1 day €10.00
1 week €35.00
2 weeks €55.00

Rental Windsurf Equipment

Day/Rent Full Equipment
1/2 day (3hours) €35.00
1 €60.00
2 €110.00
4 €200.00
6 €300.00
12 €500.00

Sea Wind Surf