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Food Safety
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3 Ways To Enhance Food Safety For Hotel Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed almost everything around us, including the way of doing business. Hotel industry is one of the hardest hit because people have been restricting their outdoor activity. This has even changed the definition of food safety culture. It is because before Covid-19 pandemic, food safety protocols happened behind the walls and even customer didn’t pay much attention to what was happening, assuming they were served meals hygienically.

However, customers have become more alert and keep a close watch on all cleanliness and hygiene protocols. This is the time when Hotel Accommodation Madagascar must introduce stringent food safety protocols and also follow all government regulations to reduce risk and boost customer experience. Here are three ways to introduce food safety culture during this unprecedented time.

Include food safety culture in CSR plans

Take food safety culture as an essential part of your corporate social responsibility. In pre-pandemic times, customers were inclining toward selecting companies that ensure safe working conditions, fair wages and more. Now they see how you are treating and protecting your guests and employees during this pandemic.

When you include food safety culture in your CSR plans, it will lead to a trickle-down effect. If employees feel safe, customers automatically will. You must demonstrate effectively that you prioritize health and safety. Customers and employees are loyal to those companies that take good care of them in every possible manner.

Treat your employees well

Teamwork is crucial for any organization. Make sure your employees feel appreciated and valued during all times. Location employees are the key to your success and they are on the front lines with your customers which means they can make or break the customer experience. Treating them as valuable assets is critical to boosting the organization’s overall performance.

Employees must completely understand your magnified food safety culture and why it is so important. Instead of expecting employees to follow rules strictly, help them understand the purpose behind implementing those rules. This will give them a sense of purpose and inspires them to work towards a common goal.

Create a supportive compliance system

Is your compliance system is focused on support or punishment? A punitive system often results in employees doing the bare minimum which is enough to avoid any kind of trouble. If they feel comfortable reporting potential problems, they can catch small issues timely before they turn into big liabilities.

When you encourage reporting by removing punishment and offering aid, it makes it much easier for you or the person in charge to provide the right assistance, driving improvement and keeping locations safe. Such systems ultimately lead to reduced risk and proactive employees.

We at Mantasaly trying to keep up with all the ongoing changes so that we will be able to offer reliable and efficient services once the services resume. The Accommodation in Diego Suarez is focusing on the safety of its staff members and is prepping up to take all proactive measures on food safety.


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