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Some Interesting Facts About Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the astounding places to visit and explore. It brings you closer to the realms of nature and scenic beauty. Along with mesmerizing natural beauty, it is also known for its scrumptious local food, bio-diversity, rich culture, and heritage. If you love doing adventurous activities, Madagascar is the right place for you. Kitesurfing is one of the popular sports in Madagascar that rejuvenates your senses and acts as a stress reliever.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful country this New year, read these fascinating facts about Madagascar to get familiarized.

1. It’s the fourth largest island in the world

Madagascar stretches to around 226,917 miles, and it is the fourth largest island in the world. It is larger than Borneo, New Guinea, and Greenland. Sounding more impressive, Madagascar is larger than Thailand, Spain, Sweden, and Germany. Isn’t it fascinating and surprising? With such a huge land area, Madagascar has distinguished terrain, volcanic mountain chains (highest peak at 2,867m), central highlands, humid rainforests in the east, dry sandstone cliffs in the west, and great karst forests in the north.

2. It supports a huge population

The country has more population than Australia, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Romania, and Greece. Around 26.2 billion Malagasies are living here and enjoying the Malagasy culture. Here, the people are welcoming and endearing.

3. It’s an abode for wildlife species

If you are a wildlife lover, choose Madagascar to explore its incredibly rich biodiversity. It has a vast number of varied species that can awe you. It’s home to a large number of chameleons and many other unique lemur species. There are around 70 species and sub-species of lemurs in the country, and the most popular lemur species is the ring-tailed lemur.

4. A hub for more than 10,000 endemic species of plants

Madagascar has around 10,000 native species of plants, out of which 90 percent are endemic and only found in the country. Most of them are endangered plant species. One of the unique plants found in the country is the baobab tree. It’s of bottle-shaped and has roots in the air. The baobab tree is considered sacred by local people. The octopus trees can also be found in the country.

5. Madagascar was a French Colony

Madagascar got its name by Marc Polo, the first European to find it. The French empowered the island and declared French as its official language.

When you visit Madagascar, revisit these interesting facts and experience yourself. If you are looking forward to booking an ocean-view restaurant, Mantasly can be a great choice.


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