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How To Stay Safe In A Hotel During COVID-19?

The world has witnessed the catastrophic outcomes of COVID-19 in the past two years. Still, the new variants tend to be dangerous to people across the globe. The risks these viruses pose do not seem to end shortly. So, the best way to live is to adapt to the new normal, and if you are planning to visit Madagascar, follow the tips to stay safe during the trip.

Let’s explore the essential tips to make your journey safe and secure.

1. Choose a Safe Destination

The foremost step towards ensuring safe travel is to pick your destination wisely. It means the place should have the least number of cases and the risk of infection is not that high. Though it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety as people from different places will visit the country, it is imperative to make an informed decision.

2. Check the Hotel’s Safety Measures

It is important to research the safety measures of a hotel in Diego Suarez before making any reservation. Check whether the staff is taking all the precautionary measures as per WHO recommendations to prevent the spread. Wearing masks, sanitizing every corner of the hotel, floor marking, dos and don’ts signposts about COVID-19, contactless check-in/ check-out—– are the crucial measures.

If the hotel in Antsiranana is transparent about its policies, you should book it without thinking twice.

3. Maintain Social Distancing and Wear a Mask

You should also follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, such as wearing a mask, washing and sanitizing hands frequently, avoiding touching surfaces, and maintaining at least six feet distance.

It’s not only your hotel is responsible for your safety, but you should be more careful and conscious.

4. Sanitise your room yourself

Although the hotel staff will sanitize your room, doing it yourself will add to your safety. Spray sanitizer on high-touch points like doorknobs, TV and AC remotes, switches, curtains, tables, etc. Moreover, you can also use your linen and towel.

5. Check-in in a room empty for a few days

As per WHO warnings, coronavirus can live up to 72 hours on various surfaces. So there is a higher risk of infection if you are allotted a room that was left by a visitor the same day or a day before. Ask for a room that has not been used for three days.

Follow these tips while reserving a hotel in Madagascar.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Madagascar, choose Mantasaly.


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