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Nosy Be Island
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Top Activities You Can Do On Nosy Be Island

If you are in Madagascar and have not visited Nosy Be till now, you are missing out on something big. Nosy Be is a picturesque island that entices visitors with its white beaches, turquoise sea surrounded by palm trees, tropical forests, and vibrant butterflies. Despite the mind-boggling beauty all around, Nosy has several facilities that can make your travel easy and more fun.

The island offers many tourist facilities as well, which means you can fly directly to Nosy Be from Italy.

Find accommodation in Antisiranana if you want to visit this mesmerizing place and explore its rich culture and natural beauty.

The appropriate time to visit Nosy Be is from May to October. The rainy season begins from December to March. Coming towards the end of April, the weather is pleasant, and there is a greater possibility of rain and thunder. The same applies to November and December: good weather with rain showers.

Top Activities to do in Nosy Be

1. Visit the Andilane Beach

If you want to relax on a beauteous beach with your partner, Andilane can be your next holiday destination. It’s a tropical beach that is located in the north of the island. Don’t miss the sunset; it’s a treat to your eyes.

2. Take a trip to Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja is one of the small islands that surround Nosy Be. It has two islands that are connected by a sandbank at low tide. The water is clear and crystal with fascinating beaches. It’s a beautiful tropical island.

3. Watch lemurs in Lokobe National Park on Nosy Be

Are you excited to watch lemurs in Madagascar? In Lokobe National Park, grab a chance to see wild lemurs, including the black lemur.

On Nosy Komba, a volcanic island, you can enjoy watching the black lemurs.

4. Humpback Whale Watching

You can take a fun of whale-watching safari here like on Sainte Marie. It’s a super cool activity that engages you and makes your trip worth remembering.

5. Diving and snorkeling on Nosy Tanikely

Enjoy diving and snorkeling between protected coral and tropical fish. The island takes half an hour by boat from Nosy Be.

Nosy Be has many exquisite restaurants where you can have the taste of its mouth-watering traditional food. You can also enjoy the delicious street food on Nosy Be.

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