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All You Need to Know About Diego Suarez and Ramena in Madagascar

The city of Diego Suarez, also known as Antsiranana and nearby village Ramena in the north of Madagascar are worth visiting when you come on vacations on this lovely island. Azure blue sea, good food, white beaches, and warm location population is something you should expect here. In this blog, you will get an insight on Diego Suarez, Ramena, the activities to do here and best Madagascar luxury beach resorts.

Diego Suarez

Diego Suarez is in the northern side of Madagascar. It is a port city, with a rich history that can still be seen in the city centre. Here you will find elegant colonial buildings that reflect their own aura. The name Diego Suarez came from two Portuguese Diego and Suarez who docked in the deep bay in 1543. The city of Antsiranana is known for the large bay and the surrounding areas have relaxing beaches. Here you can find some really amazing Madagascar Beach Resorts including Mantasaly.


Ramena is located about 20 kilometres from Diego Suarez, but its beauty is completely different. This small village is the beginning of a peninsula surrounded by a number of special beaches. Here you will find a number of kite schools and fine restaurants. You can enjoy kitesurfing in Diego as well as Ramena.

The best activities to do in Diego Suarez and Ramena!

Yes, you can easily get that beautiful tanned body on the beaches here in these places. But there are also plenty of other activities that you can do here.

Discover the colonial city

Diego Suarez is not a big city but it certainly worth a visit. The old colonial buildings, vintage cars, Portuguese architectural style and vintage cars that drive around will give you similar vibes as of Cuba. Wander through the streets, enjoy mouthwatering delicacies and drink coffee or beer in local cafes or just do shopping! The options are endless here.

Enjoy the serene beach of Ramena

Ramena, just 20 kilometres away from Diego Suarez is a slow and small beach town. This place houses a number of restaurants and the lively atmosphere will cater the traveler inside you. Not all tourists visit the beach, but you can always enjoy the sun. It is a great spot for barbecues, extensive picnics and beach parties.

Visit the Emerald sea

Warm turquoise water, spotting turtles, snorkelling and fish or just cooling off: The Emerald sea is just a short boat ride away from Antsiranana or Ramena. It is a lagoon with nice warm water, which lies just in front of the bay of Diego Suarez. The water of this lagoon, known as Mer d’Esmeraude in French, is shallow making it perfect for afternoon relaxation. The white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees will give you ultimate tropical experience.

Learn kitesurfing in Madagascar

Here you can go for windsurfing and kitesurfing near Ramena. Sakalava Bay, in particular, is popular for kitesurfing. You can take kitesurfing lessons and equipments on rental from Mantasaly. We have experienced trainer and beach boys for complete safety of our valued guests. Also explore, Kite Alize which is a wonderful kitesurf site.

With endless activities, you are surely going to have a lifetime experience at Diego Suarez, Madagascar. If you plan to visit here anytime soon, stay at Mantasaly to take your vacation experience to the next level.


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