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Malagasy delicacies
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All You Need to Know About Flavours and Food of Madagascar

Travellers visit Madagascar to experience rare flora and fauna along with some magnificent beaches and marine attractions. While the island is not famous as a culinary destination, everyone needs to eat and visitors may be surprised by the mouth-watering Malagasy delicacies. Savour the flavours of numerous fresh fruits from roadside stalls or markets, or try eating freshly caught seafood. You simply shouldn’t leave the island without trying Zebu with Madagascan Green Peppercorn sauce, that’s the popular dish here.

You may wonder that what exactly is a Zebu? Well, it is a type of cow found in Madagascar and locals are even specific about the distinction. Zebu also has important cultural significance to Malagasy people and they are often sacrificed on special occasions, such as funerals. High-quality Zebu meat is somewhat similar to beef and tastes amazing when topped with Madagascan Green Peppercorn sauce or some spicy Sakay chilli relish.

Fresh fruit can be found in abundance here and that too at a reasonable price. You can buy refreshing, chopped pineapple, and other locally grown fruits at a cheap price. Quench your thirst with refreshing coconut water while grabbing some ubiquitous snacks. The island is the largest exporter of lychees because they are found in abundance and are particularly cheaper in winters. Other enticing fruits that are widely available here include guava, coconut, passion fruit, peaches, mangoes, citrus fruits, and plums.

The Indian Ocean island was a refuge for Indo-Malayan people, who brought rice and Africans brought cows that are now known as “Zebu”. Indian and Arab traders, on the other hand, introduced spices here. The French Colonists gave Madagascar pastries, vanilla and duck. Restaurants catering for tourists have sometimes more French influence and it is possible to have fine French cuisine at a fraction of the price you pay in other locations. In Malagasy cooking, rice is a staple food that is served with most dishes. Although you can also find fresh flaky baguettes are found on every street corner.

As with any other island, the seafood offered here is scrumptious. Freshly caught and prepared seafood can be the real treat for the visitors here. Prices are also quite low here, so be prepared to indulge in a seafood feast including octopus, prawns, fish, crayfish, lobster and even oysters. Because it is so fresh, that even a dish with a simple recipe tastes heavenly good.

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