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Best Hotel Cleanliness
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Best Hotel Cleanliness Practices For Post Pandemic Era

As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being released in many countries, the hospitality industry is facing the possibility of reopening to a radical new normal. Though this development could be slightly delayed in Madagascar but this will eventually come. Keeping guests physically separated coupled with advanced housekeeping operations will be integrated by most hotels in Madagascar and worldwide.

No matter how rigorous your previous hygiene regimen was, you now need to conduct thorough disinfection and cleaning during the day to not only enhance your cleanliness standard but also to adapt in the new kind of system left by COVID. This will also help in meeting the heightened expectations of cleanliness and create a safe environment for all.

Considerations for a clean hotel

Whether your hotel was on central quarantine location or you managed to get moderate business, it is imperative to feel safe. In order to achieve flawless cleaning, you will be needing right cleaning products. Below are a few things which you must consider in this regard:

  • Impact on surfaces and staff: Make sure the products not only kill virus, bacteria and other microorganisms but they should be gentle on surfaces as well as people. Products free of volatile organic compounds should be considered to maintain hygienic indoor quality.
  • Efficacy and contact time: For some added reassurance, you can use medical grade disinfectants that are quality tested and approved. You should ideally use products with shorter contact time.
  • Alcohol content: The percentage of hand sanitizer is crucial because only clean hands can keep the surfaces clean. A registered product will always provide adequate assurance and you must use products with at least 60 percent but it is better to go for more than 70 percent to ensure faster kill rate.
  • Provider: It is important to use only registered products and do not go for cheap quality or unfamiliar products for the sake of saving money. This will ensure maximum protection for your hotel in Diego Suarez.

Make it visible

You should not only keep it clean but make it strikingly visible. The hidden cleaning practices must now come in forefront. Some new and more obvious measures could be use of gloves and masks. Take extra precautions to show that you prioritize the safety of staff and customers both. Below are some practices that you must incorporate:

  • Enforce social distancing: Understanding and complying social distancing norms by Madagascar government is essential. Assess all the potential risks and establish safe distances throughout your property via strict guidelines. Make sure guests and staff are notified for any such changes.
  • Ensure compliance: Staff members must comply with the protective measures recommended by the World Health Organization. These include social distancing, maintaining hand hygiene, avoid touching nose, eyes and mouth. Staying home if feel sick.
  • Implement robust limits: Apart from social distancing, enforce limited occupancy for each area of the hotel to avoid overcrowding. Distinguish all the entrances and exits along with changing the layout of all common areas to ensure a safe environment.
  • Promote hand hygiene: Use alcohol based hand sanitizer or washing hands regularly can prevent the spread of pathogens. Wall-mounted dispensers and freestanding hand sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes should be quickly accessible at all common areas like lifts, corridors, and entrances.

Maintaining a welcoming and safe environment

The hospitality industry has radically changed and implementing a rigorous hygiene program is a must for every hotel to meet the new standards of cleanliness. To drive continuous improvements, your hotel should be regularly audited and monitored to comply with key protocols. Additionally, it is important to show that you care for your staff and customers. With deliberate commitment enhanced and visible safety measures, your hotel will have the best chance to succeed in post pandemic era.


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