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Changes That Hotels Will Experience In Post Covid Era

Hotels, by their very nature, attract and gather people together. People move throughout hotels and touch various surfaces, and by reducing these touchpoints and limiting guests’ exposure to germs will be a primary focus for hotels and guests. Hotel operators will need to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands regarding Covid-19, especially if they want to benefit from the likely travel resurgence in later 2021 and beyond. Not only will this benefit operations during the current pandemic, but it will also prepare Madagascar Beach Resorts for other possible future outbreaks, whether it is something as common as a virus or flu that is more serious.

Here are two ways hotels will shift their operations as they prepare for a post-Covid travel surge.

Removing or changing touchpoints

Hotels will need to transform the ways in which guests come in contact with their spaces. For instance, touchless coolers in lobbies or gyms and touch-free check-in systems will provide safe access to amenities and better customer experiences without risking their health.

Within hotel room spaces, touch-focused changes will include integrating a hotel operator’s app with multiple in-room functions such ventilation, heating and air conditioning controls; moving the blinds and using everything with a remote touch. Elevators and hallways of Madagascar Luxury Beach Resorts may also experience advancements such as robot room service and voice-activated elevator controls and other innovations that reduce touches while streamlining the user experience.

Redesigning eating spaces

The pandemic somewhere is putting a stake on traditional hotel buffet. Self-serve beverage stations, shared serving utensils, crowded lines for food and too many touchpoints are not a favorable combination when people are observing social distancing to keep Covid-19 at bay. The impact of pandemic is going to last which means elimination of salad bars and any eating establishment that relies on a self-service model.

Holiday Resort Madagascar need to launch QR code-based menus, antimicrobial surfaces and other attributes intended to reduce viral conditions. For some hotels, sit-down restaurants are not economically viable and they might offer takeaway stations. There is also a trend toward expanded amenities within hotel rooms including kitchens which would allow guests to eat without leaving their personal space.

The Takeaway

Even after Covid-19 fades, these concerns are going to persist and hotel brands will want to avoid becoming a hotspot for this virus. The length of the pandemic means some of the cleanliness and distancing standards are now embedded in the public mind. Hotels must proactively shift their thinking when it comes to social distancing, cleanliness and the ways guests will expect to travel in the future. Mantasaly resort is taking all such proactive measures to provide its guests with safest and most comfortable stay experience in the coming time.


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