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Covid-19: A New Opportunity for Innovation in Hotel Industry

Covid-19 pandemic has struck down almost every industry and left them in a whole new kind of atmosphere. Some are massively affected like hotels while others are facing moderate challenges in day to day operations. However, to deal with these new set of challenges left by Covid-19, hotel industry aggressively need to innovate, create and adapt. Before pandemic, hotel industry was among least innovative in terms of technology but the scenario is changing now.

As we are moving towards normalization, the hotels are starting to re-open with all time high expectations of customers. They are expecting enhanced experience from their hotels—from artificial intelligence powered support channels to personalized email communications to live agents chats. Hotel accommodation in Antisiranana that are able to provide such advanced facilities will be able to win brand loyalty.

What hotels can do?

There are a lot of innovations that can be integrated while upgrading the existing practices. As travellers nowadays seeking socially distant experiences from Hotel Accommodation Madagascar, the use of technology to handle consumer relations has become more important than ever. Some businesses have even leveraged artificial intelligence to support their guests’ requirements throughout the pandemic—for example, implementing FAQ bots to answer Covid-19 related questions of customers. When guests or potential customers are able to access information they need with minimum hassle, they will more likely to return.

Also, when customers see upgraded and high-tech innovations in other industries such as telecommunications, their expectations automatically rise. It is not wrong to say that a consumer’s experience in one industry will affect the expectations in another, so hospitality and travel businesses need to pay close attention to new trends that are emerging in various other sectors around.

This is high time when hotels need to leverage technology to create the most compelling customer experiences. One way to do it is by integrating digital representatives (voice automation, chatbots, etc.) with virtual reality just behind. Hotels can also develop VR simulations of their guestrooms and other spaces of public use to allow guests try their services before buying.

Combining AI and VR can create a more personalized, virtual experiences that can seamlessly support consumers even at far distances. In this changing times only those industries can succeed that leverage technology to overcome the challenges left by Covid-19 pandemic.


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