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Madagascar Culture
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Enjoy The Wilderness On A Trip To Madagascar

Madagascar is simply unique in every sense. Here you will find about 1200km off east coast of Africa, distinctive white and black lemurs, picturesque baobab trees but beyond these iconic elements, the country has something which is still unknown to most people. And that needs to be changed!

Madagascar is not your typical travel destination; the abundance of tourism elements make people fall in love with the place. Incredible and unique wildlife, gorgeous coastlines, diverse landscapes and friendly locals are some of the most common attractions here. This place is lauded as a beacon of tranquility because of incredible lack of crowds which allow travellers to see natural landmarks without juggling with a flock of tourists.

If you want to get away from mass tourism and explore a whole new frontier, you must think about visiting Madagascar in near future but make sure you book a hotel in Madagascar before arriving for a comfortable stay.

Wildlife and adventure

The landscape and wildlife offered on a vacation to this island are the main attractions. The landscape is diverse, so whether you want to see limestone karst rocks, explore canyons or walk along trails of blood-red soil, you will find opportunity to do so here.

In Montagne d’Ambre National Park, you can explore volcanic landscape and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it’s home to lemurs. The place is also famous for birdwatching as you can find unique birds like paradise flycatchers and ibis here. Nosy Be is another famous wildlife spot which has a small colonial capital known as Hell-Ville. This place is known for its covered marketplace. Also, it has many wildlife reserves that are worth visiting especially for nature admirers. Lokobe Reserve will surprise you with unique amphibians and lizards, as it houses various species of gecko, chameleons and frogs. Lemuria Land also has reptiles, but as the name suggest it is famous for lemurs.

If you are specifically interested in watching lemurs, then you should consider visiting Lemur island, a small reserve located in the east side of the country. Here you can see a wide variety of protected lemur species, including bamboo lemurs, black and white ruffled lemurs along with brown lemurs. This is the most popular spot in the country and to enjoy it completely, you should book a reputed Hotel in Diego Suarez like Mantasaly. Because we not only believe in providing comfortable stay and hospitality but we strive to make your vacation more fulfilling, rich and memorable.

Apart from the above, you should also try to cover Isalo National Park that houses more than 80 bird species and over 35 reptile species. Ranomafana National Park, Andasibe and Mantadia National Park, Andringitra National Park and Andohahela National Park should also be in your bucket list while vacating here. Try to visit most of them if not all in order to immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity here.


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