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Thrilling Kitesurfing in Madagascar
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Experience the Thrilling Kitesurfing in Madagascar

With the fourth-largest island in the world, Madagascar becomes the premium tourist destination for those who relish adventure, and have eternal love for beaches. Amid remarkable flora and fauna, you will get to see incredible variety-ranging from rainforest to desert within just 300km of distance.

With the abundance of water reservoirs, and its world famous kitesurfing facilities, Madagascar resort becomes a top choice for adventure seekers. But there are few places which are known for their scenic beauty as well as providing exotic kitesurfing experience to tourists. Few are listed below:


Located at the North of Madagascar, Babaomby is known for its incredible emerald-green lagoon that is presumed to be the most beautiful in the world. The scenic beauty, crystal clear water will undoubtedly enhance your overall kitesurfing experience! Don’t worry about the stay, you will find many Kitesurf Resort nearby.

Located at the South-Western Coast of Madagascar, which is known for its white send beaches with the mélange of turquoise water. It serves as a perfect playground for water sports like kitesurfing and ideal for beginners due to its flat condition.

Sakalava is situated at the North shore of Madagascar, near Diego Suarez Bay. It’s a secluded place that offers serenity and tranquility. It is perfect adventure spot for beginners and freestylers.

Nosy Be
Nosy be is known to be the largest and the busiest island in Madagascar. It is located at the northwest coast of Madagascar. Despite being the most expensive, Nosy Be is considered to be the paradise of water based sports.


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