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Explore The Amazing Outdoor Activities to Do in Madagascar

Madagascar is the only place on earth where you will never ever fall short of thrilling experiences. No matter if you are adventure seeker or nature lover, you will surely find a plethora of things to do in Madagascar. From kitesurfing to whale watching to caving, each one of the experiences in Madagascar are unique and authentic. The fourth largest island in the world certainly gives you lifetime experiences and memories to cherish. Make sure you choose the right Accommodation in Antisiranana for a comfortable stay.

Top four things to do in Madagascar

If you have been wondering what to do in this majestic island, here are the things you should start your adventure trip with. We have shortlisted four fun things to do in Madagascar which every tourist must try at least once. And here we go!

Take a stroll at La Corniche

Mahajanga in Madagascar is primarily about the picturesque La Corniche. This is a beautiful promenade along the beach lined up with the palm trees and local street food carts. Taking a stroll under the shade of tall palm trees in the evening is considered as the best things to do in Madagascar. Feel the freshness of sea breeze and soak in the goodness of sun while you nibble on the local Malagasy delicacies. Don’t forget to click pictures at this heavenly beautiful location.

Whale watching at Ile Sainte Marie

If you have never seen a whale spouting in the sea, you wouldn’t know how wonderful experience it is to witness them. This is another best thing that you must do when in Madagascar. Embark on the board to see the humpback whales who migrate all the way from South Pole to Sainte Marie channels for breeding and calving purpose. Seeing a legion of the giant aquatic creatures on a single spot is a sight to behold and captured.

Kitesurfing at Antisiranana

Kitesurfing at Antisiranana

Do you want to do something adventurous? You should go for kitesurfing in Antisiranana and you must not miss it. This will not only provide you a thrilling experience but you will fully delve into the natural beauty of Madagascar. This is among the most popular adventure activity of Madagascar due to its ideal wind conditions and varied water depths. No matter if you are beginner or expert, you can enjoy kitesurf throughout the year except rainy season. Some Accommodation in Diego Suarez also provide this facility in the tourist package.

Caving at Ankarana National Park

If you are looking for some more fun, adventure and exploration in Madagascar, let the caves of Ankarana stupefy you. The limestone caves are a storehouse of age old fossils. These caves even have a network of underground rivers where the wild crocodiles swim. The stalactites and stalagmites formations on the ceilings look magnificent and extraordinary. Burrowing through these mesmerizing caves seems like of the most exciting things to do in Madagascar.

This list can go on and on, providing you infinite reasons to visit Madagascar. Plan your vacation, book Hotel Accommodation Madagascar and enjoy the wilderness of this beautiful island.


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