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Madagascar Culture
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Festivities In Madagascar—Celebrations And Cultural Events

Both world famous holidays and unique local holidays are celebrated in Madagascar. Since there are many Christians on this popular island—Easter, Christmas and New Year—all these and many other typical holidays are quite popular. On Christmas, the Malagasy visit their loved ones and exchange gifts as a warm gesture. One day before the holiday, colorful fair trades can be seen all around on main streets of large cities. Easter has similar celebrations including festive outdoor activities and local New Year is known as Alahamadi Be celebrated in the month of March. Various concerts, shows and firework are done during this time. Tourists who wish to enjoy this time should book comfortable accommodation in Madagascar to make the most out of it.

There are some authentic local celebrations as well that tourists can find only in Madagascar. Famadihana for example is one of the main religious holidays on this island. It has its roots in the ancient ancestry cult that is widespread on the island of the country. This festive ceremony takes place from June to September. Local people remove the remains of their ancestors from family crypts, take care of them, show them to their family members and friends, put on new burial cloths and put the remains back into the crypts. Ritual dancing and other activities are also associated with this celebration. Tourists often book hotel accommodation Madagascar near the event locations in order to enjoy every bit of this festival.

Republic Day and African Freedom Day are also important public holidays in Madagascar. They are almost next to impossible without street performances, festive processions, concerts and carnivals. Martyrs Day is celebrated on March 29 is another important holiday of Madagascar. Ceremony of washing relics of the kings of Buena is also an ancient ritual that has its roots attached to Malagasy history. This annual ritual takes place on July 14 in Mahajanga. The list also includes Saint Vincent Memorial Day which is another important holiday for Malagasy people. If you are a music lover, you should visit the Donia Music Festival that takes place in June every year. You can also consider Hira Gasy Festival.

Some other festivals include Feria Oramena which is held in June and it focuses on Madagascar’s favorite seafood, exhibitions, shows and lots of fish dishes enjoyed by everyone. Another festival is Fisemana, held by Antakarana people which is a purification ritual and takes place in every June. The customs in this festival are performed by local soothsayers. Madajazzcar is a two-week long celebration of jazz held in vibrant venues all over the capital. International singers, musicians and thousands of visitors attend the events.

With all these festivities, Madagascar becomes a true hub of entertainment, fun and cultural extravaganza!


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