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Get Ready To Experience These 5 Dining Trends In A Post-COVID World

Covid-19 has shaken the world especially the tourism and hospitality industry but there is a saying by Albert Einstein that “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” So we must see opportunity and get ready to experience a whole new way of doing business. In the wake to know dining-out trends in post pandemic world, Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management conducted a research.

Here are the top 5 dining trends the school is predicting in post pandemic world:

1. Innovation and creativity

To deal with the current situation, restaurants and hotels in Madagascar have introduced service extensions such as take-out and delivery options. This trend will continue even in post Covid time it is because consumers are increasingly becoming concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene especially in the outdoor spaces. So these new kind of eating habits will be widely adopted by consumers and they will likely continue to order restaurant food for delivery, buy beverages for delivery using mobile apps or websites. Hotels or restaurants who haven’t paid attention on this area yet, need to make sure they don’t get lag behind.

2. Transparency and communication

There is going to be hyper awareness on sanitation and safety on consumers’ end in the post-pandemic world. The key to deal with this changing scenario is to adopt new or upgraded safety and sanitation protocols. Madagascar luxury hotel owners need to ensure that their staff feel safe returning to work and customers feel safe visiting their establishments.

Cleaning should be highly visible at all times, and new updated safety protocols should be clearly posted on the website, at the entrance and other visible areas of restaurant or hotel.

3. Virtual presence and contactless technology

Contactless ordering, payment and pickup will continue to be popular as consumers will keep following social distancing. From virtual happy hours to virtual team meetings; many restaurants have established virtual tip jars to relieve their employees during this time. The use of Internet of Things and advanced analytics will also unfurl important data about consumers, allowing restaurants to tailor offerings and marketing strategies to target maximum consumers.

4. Reset

This is a golden opportunity to reset your hotel business. When a disruption of this magnitude hits the industry, there likely will be many closures with some estimating that many restaurants won’t even reopen. Communal tables and sharing menus may just disappear and some even doubt about the existence of buffet system. Also, the physical layout of hotels and restaurants may need to be redesigned to cope up with the rising demands of social distancing requirements. This could include reduced seating capacity or arrangements of cubicles.

5. A collaborative community

The oceanview restaurant community is quite close knitted where many restaurant owners share playbooks with one another. Many worked in close coordination to deal with this pandemic only to emerge as powerful business owners in post pandemic world. From sharing best practices to planning strategically, collaborating with each other at this time of need will be beneficial for all.

This pandemic will simply bring a lot of changes in the hospitality industry of Madagascar and worldwide but this is only for the betterment of businesses and customers. We at Mantasaly give utmost priority to customers’ comfort, hygiene and high quality standards. This way we make sure that we provide nothing but the best kind of services to our customers, so the next time you visit our ocean view restaurant in post pandemic time, you will surely have a whole new experience.


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