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Hospitality Industry and Its Changed Realities Post Covid-19

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has severely affected businesses, especially the hospitality industry. Industries are still grappling with the consequences of economic slowdown and the new realities are coming in. The post Covid-19 world will see changed consumer behavior with reduced in-person interaction and heightened hygiene standards.

The industry needs to emphasize on digital connectivity and engagement with guests along with employee wellbeing initiatives to build brand value and loyalty.

Hospitality industry has various ways to communicate and engage with their guests. Below are a few recommendations on how digital engagement can help the Madagascar Beach Bungalows or hotels to bounce back faster.

Loyalty management

Hoteliers need to take a fresh look at loyalty programs. Some tangible ways to attract guests and enhance experience include:

Using the power of personalization with 360-degree guest view: Personalization has always been a key service differentiator when it comes to hospitality industry. Now it is time to automate the industry through Artificial Intelligence. Create digital guest profiles which will act like an indicator that help hoteliers to understand what promotion needs to be shared with which guest on what digital platform.

Digital marketing

Budget is always limited and needs to be spent in a wise manner. With digital engagement becoming a new reality for Madagascar Earth Adventure Resorts, now is the time to strategically spend marketing budgets. This helps to redirect the focus on brand awareness and attract more travelers into the ‘direct booking’ funnel. A targeted strategy will enable boosting up existing demand and cement position before the market starts recovering. To revamp marketing action plan, Madagascar Resort must:

  • Respect guest’s sentiments and act accordingly
  • Improve booking ID communication with clear and easy reminder on new guest guidelines
  • Build assurance through strategically informing guest on the action taken for guest as well as staff safety
  • Signage reminders to maintain social distancing and use of masks at public areas

Focus on guest safety and comfort

Today, health and well-being of guests are of utmost priority for the hotels, and they need to be projected clearly at the time of booking to drive customer assurance. Few steps that you can take in this regard include:

  • Assuring travelers about flexible booking and cancellation policies
  • Robust house-keeping standards along with other in-room amenities to ensure guests’ comfort
  • Enhanced hygiene standards that can work well with social distancing policies


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