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How Hotels Can Overcome Covid -19 Impact?

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has swept the world like a hurricane, adding a new set of challenges. This pandemic is expected to cast long lasting impact on the hospitality industry but this particular scenario can also unfurl a number of opportunities. There are certain key areas on which hotels in Madagascar need to focus in order to not only survive but make the most out of the Covid-19 ecosystem.

Focus on shift in customer experience

The epidemic has introduced a number of variables that are currently forging the hospitality industry. During the pandemic, there has been huge decline in hotel occupancy, however, hoteliers need to prepare for a significant increase in tourism demand. For this, hotels need to review their existing service offerings and adapt to the ongoing changes in customer experience. Hotels need to maximise contactless delivery for in-room-dining and minimise the culture of ‘food sharing’.

Hotel in Diego Suarez can also plan ahead for manpower scheduling, allocate resources and maintain cash flow, and assess bottleneck in service delivery.

Focus on quality asset management

The pandemic has impacted the entire hotel industry negatively that triggered the need of innovation. This is the time when hotels need to develop a sustainable business model with a major focus on competitors’ response strategies, but with an emphasis on customer needs. Improving brand culture and service standards is imperative for independent hotels to position themselves.

In addition, hotel owners also need to renovate high potential assets, optimize asset strategy, and enhance asset competitiveness to care to changes in customer requirements. Also, they need to do it proactively and timely to beat the sky high competition. The tailor made end-to-end solutions can help in fostering a customer centric service culture and attain service excellence.

Focus on the shift in customer perceptions

Improper choice of raw food material can have a huge impact on customer diet concepts and structure. It is believed that after this pandemic, customers are now paying more attention to the safety and hygiene of food choices. While taking into account the taste, customer will rely more on ingredient reliability and nutrition.

In response to this ongoing change in consumer expectations, hotels in Antsiranana need to raise their hygiene standards and promote their reliability in choosing raw materials. This helps in instilling greater acceptance and confidence among customers.

With the above steps, hotels can better prepare themselves in this challenging time.


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