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Madagascar And Its Tourism

Rich in nature but poor in economy; Madagascar is full of dichotomies. It has a culture which is profoundly influenced by ‘ancestry’, along with impressive system of protected landscapes. The country has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and adventure.


Ancestry and taboos

Malagasy culture revolves around ancestry, or razana known locally—the dead inform the living and they are believed to be a kind of life force. Although this may sound creepy to many of us but it is a way of life in Madagascar. Malagasy people are humble, friendly and welcoming in nature. It’s a fascinating culture here and worth reading up before you plan to travel. Though there are many taboos in different villages but still it is rich in culture.

What you can do:

You should always ask about taboos before visiting a local village. This way you can avoid offending people accidently. Avoid confrontation at any cost. Book a comfortable hotel in Madagascar in order to stay comfortably while immersing yourself in this culture.


Nurturing nature

The rivers have turned red in Madagascar due to soil erosion triggered by deforestation. Despite a wide area of protected land, the country’s forests are shrinking. Still you can enjoy a rich biodiversity here as most of the species are endemic to the island. The place is famous for lemurs that can be virtually found everywhere in Madagascar. Hotel in Diego Suarez can provide you complete guidance on sightseeing spots.

What you can do:

There is a little infrastructure in Madagascar, so it is best to organize your trip from a reputable hotel in Antsiranana or tour operator. However, they offer standard packages but you can always ask for customization. It is better to conduct some research to know about tourist spots and various stay options that the country has to offer.


Madagascar is not a country for people comparatively new to diving. Although with very few tourists and Toliara coral reef off the southwest coast being the third largest coral reef system, one can have the best diving experience. But you need to be an experienced diver to get the best experience here. You must choose a good hotel for this as they provide lessons, and equipment rental facility.

What you can do:

You need to know what questions to ask before coming here and check all the facilities and equipments after coming. Make sure you check how new the equipment is, when it was last renewed.


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