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Madagascar Kitesurfing Paradise
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Madagascar The Coveted Kitesurfing Paradise

The scintillating island paradise of Madagascar is a coveted travel destination for globetrotting tourists. While this East African haven promises plenty of activities for vacationers to pursue at their leisure, few are more popular than kitesurfing. Every year countless vacationers travel to the country for enjoying Kitesurfing holidays in Madagascar.

Kitesurfing holidays Madagascar

This write-up details the many reasons why you must not give this sport a miss on your next trip to the country.

A serene locale for the thrilling sport

Imagine simply gliding over the pristine waters while letting a stunning kite billowing in the breeze pull you across the waters. Far easier than using a surfboard, this sport is thrilling yet enjoyable and the perfect way to spend your time on the beach.

The islands offer the perfect weather for kitesurfing

Quite breezy and windy from March onward, Madagascar offers perfect kitesurfing weather till November. You can also make your way to the warm waters and just marvel at the stunning coral reefs that lie beyond prior to enjoying a spot of surfing.

Ideal waves for amateurs and experienced surfers

Beautiful waves crossing the reef make it a pure delight for vacationers who wish to try their hand at kitesurfing. One of the reasons why this is regarded as a kitesurfing heaven is that it is perfect for amateurs experimenting with the sport as well as experienced kitesurfers.

Furthermore, you can also choose to take dedicated lessons from experts to truly make the most of Kitesurfing holidays in Madagascar.


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