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Kitesurfing Spots
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Spectacular Kitesurfing Spots In Madagascar To Explore

Madagascar has astounding places to explore, and it’s a place famous for spectacular wildlife, best known for lemurs. The scenic beauty and the turquoise water of the island mesmerize your spirits with awe. Moreover, the consistent blowing winds in Madagascar make it a kitesurfing spot.

Sakalava Bay and the North of Madagascar are the windiest places on this planet.

The Varatraza trade wind blows continuously from mid-March to November every year, across the north-east coast of Madagascar.

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Kitesurfing Spots in Madagascar

Sakalava Bay:

The jaw-dropping beauty of the region and its wildlife attracts tourists from around the world.

For kite-surfing, the bay is surrounded by a coral reef, and the wind blows sideways that bring you back to the beach. It is considered one of the safest kitesurfing spots with no casualties.

The shallow and mirror flat water makes it an exquisite place to watch.

Babaomby Emerald Sea:

You see the Emerald Sea Lagoon covered with turtles, stingrays, and tropical fish, located between the airport of Diego Suarez and Babaomby Peninsula. A stunning place to kitesurf, with 12 km by 3 km of the area to lose your heart.

Babaomby is the isolated coast for free riders covered by nearby islands like Nosy Diego, Nosy Suarez, and Nose Antly.

The French Bay:

If you want to explore undiscovered spots, then this is the place to amaze you. Situated in the Northern region adjacent to Diego Suarez airport, the French Bay lies on Nosy Longo.

Nosy Be:

Located on the northwest coast of Madagascar, Nosy Be has been one of the top tourist islands in the country. The wind in this part is less intense, so independent kite surfers make the best use of it.

Nosy Ankao:

The most exclusive kitesurfing spot in the world, Nosy Ankao is one of the amazing places to travel. If you are rich, then explore it to unravel its majestic beauty.

Madagascar is one of the alluring travel destinations that give you great travel experiences.


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