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Hotel Cleaning
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Ways To Protect And Clean Luxury Interior Of Hotels

In order to attract a diverse set of travelers, upscale and boutique hotels often invest heavily in luxury interior comprising intricate artwork. Tiles and glossy marble floors have replaced carpeting. There are uniquely designed lobbies that have luxurious seating and unique furnishings. Gone are the days when travelers used hotel only for night sleep, they are now used as a second home by many. But like other investments, these high-end features must be maintained properly and this need has grown even higher after the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide.

This is the time when many Madagascar Luxury Hotels are uncertain about how to properly maintain their luxury interior. They are prioritizing health and safety of their employees and valued guests, but at the same time they are afraid of using any harsh disinfectants that can discolor surfaces. As a result, some hoteliers are even considering to tone down the aesthetics to simplify the entire cleaning process and avoid damaging their expensive interiors.

However, they really don’t have to compromise on quality for the sake of safety. It is possible to establish advanced cleaning protocols to keep the hotel both safe and attractive.

Seek professional assistance

Hotels are struggling amid Covid-19 pandemic. Many of them are operating independently. Hotel in Diego Suarez that have financial footing are also looking for ways to reduce expenses due to dramatic decline in revenues.

While it may be tempting to try to contain costs by keeping the disinfection in-house instead of hiring trained professionals to do the job. However, this decision can cost more in the long run. To work the other way round, hoteliers will need to invest in training their cleaning staff and purchasing personal protective equipments such as masks, gloves and safety goggles. Invest in electrostatic spraying which is by far the most efficient method but can certainly burn your pocket.

By hiring the services of trained and certified surface care providers, you can be rest assured about cleaning. It is because they know what to do and how often to do to ensure maximum protection for both surfaces and guests. This way Madagascar Luxury Hotels won’t have to make hefty investment on training staff or buying expensive equipments and they will be able to put in place the required cleanliness practices.

After choosing a service provider, the hoteliers should take into account the inventory of all the different surface types. Because every surface requires a different disinfectant. This approach can make the cleaning streamlined and effective. Once the process is set, the disinfection process itself is relatively straightforward when done by professionals.

Hoteliers now need to work with even more energy to create a truly memorable experience for guests. As long as proper disinfecting procedures are followed, hoteliers can be sure that their high-end interior will remain safe and attractive.

We at Mantasaly give foremost importance to the health of our staff members and all guests. We are incorporating all the latest cleanliness practices to ensure the beauty of our hotel as well as our valued customers.


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