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What Are The Reasons to Stay in Mantasaly Resort While Vacationing in Madagascar?

Madagascar is a beautiful and striking vacation spot. Along with the natural beauty, there are several other reasons to visit this place. But, what is most important to note is that for enjoying your vacation in a relaxed manner, you need to choose a suitable resort.

Mantasaly is a popular resort located in the middle of the Oranjia terrestrial Reserve with a private bay at the Indian Ocean. It offers all the essential 4 star facilities.

Facilities Provided At The Mantasaly Resort:-

Types of Rooms:-

Superior Mini Suite and Mini Suite

The Mini Suite room is a 30 M2 room decorated with a Madagascar touch. It includes Double bed, One sofa, can be made in to a single bed, 12 M2 terrace with deck chairs, Minibar, AC on request as well.

The Triple Suite room

These rooms are also decorated with elegance and showcases a great style. All the facilities of Superior Mini and Mini Suite rooms are provided in these rooms too. An added inclusion is 3 single beds.

Sport Facilities and Arrangement For The Activities

Mantasaly has a special design component with the kite spot included with the private beach and private bay in front of the bungalows. There are also restaurants located in proximity to the swimming pool.

The facilities for Fishing, Snorkeling and Spearfishing are also provided here. Thus, you may have a chance to indulge in these activities. SUP & Kayak are also availed to the customers.

There is no other hotel in Diego Suarez that has a top boat offering other than Mantasaly.

Other Facilities

There is an outdoor gym where Hotel guests will have a great opportunity to benefit from a healthy workout and enjoy Ocean View.

There is a playground especially meant for the children. The playground equipment provided have the official quality labels needed.


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