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What is the Best Time to Visit Madagascar?

Whilst Madagascar holidays can be enjoyed year-round, the main wet season commence from late December through to the month of March; often involving cyclones. This season should be avoided! The best time to visit Madagascar is therefore lies between the months of April to mid of December which can be further enhanced by cozy hotel accommodation Madagascar. Being prepared for all weather conditions is always recommended as weather patterns are not fixed on this place. Madagascar is huge, so climate varies depending on the geographical location.

In brief, the best time to go Madagascar is…

  • July to September is the best time to see humpback whales. These are often considered the prime months to enjoy excellent weather and stunning beaches.
  • October and November are good for baby lemurs; if you are a wildlife enthusiast, this is the perfect time for you. Though lemurs in general can be seen year round.
  • April avoids peak season and it is ideal for lush landscapes, quite beaches, and bounding lemurs.
  • September to December is a great time for watching chameleons and lemurs, and spend great beach time with hot, relatively dry weather.

Best time to visit Madagascar by season

A short overview follows below outlining the variety of Madagascar’s seasons and when it is the best time to visit and enjoy. This also covers a look at regional variations throughout the country.

April to November

This is the milder and drier seasons which also consists winter. July and August specifically are the coolest months, as well as the busiest due to more people coming for vacations. September to November is an excellent time to visit, as it marks the end of the cool, and dry season before the rainfall intensifies. April and May are greener months with verdant countryside following the rainy season. It’s a great time to go on safaris, especially for seeing lemurs. Regardless of the season, you need to make sure that you choose an excellent hotel in Madagascar for a comfortable stay.

December to March

This is Madagascar’s tropical summer, and is the wettest and hottest time. The months of February to March are specifically prone to cyclone. Travel in the northeast and easy during these months can be quite difficult for any traveler.


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