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Why Is Ecotourism In Madagascar Important?

Madagascar is known for its wildlife and rich biodiversity. It’s a hub for tourists that love to explore nature and forests. Ecotourism is crucial in Madagascar to provide monetary benefits to local communities there. The economy has suffered a serious setback during Covid-19 due to the travel restrictions in Madagascar. That’s why it has become important to promote ecotourism more in Madagascar.

How does Tourism Madagascar benefit people and wildlife?

Let’s look into the pointers of how Madagascar’s ecotourism can prove beneficial.

1. Improves Madagascar Economy

Tourism is one of the crucial industries in Madagascar that provides financial resources to the government to protect natural areas and lemurs there.

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2. Provides employment to Malagasy people

Tourism provides jobs to the local people over there. Tour guides, tour company administrators, hotels, and restaurant owners find jobs and get economical sustenance.

Moreover, people living near wildlife parks earn money from shops, crafts, selling food, water that support the tourism industry.

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3. Park Guides Protect the Forest:

While making money in tourism, communities near parks are less dependable on natural resources to cater to their personal needs. They are the protectors of the wildlife and guide tourists about its richness. Tourist guides have the skills and knowledge to identify various plants and animals; then share their unique features with visitors coming from different corners of this world.

Try to choose a Holiday resort in Madagascar without pet lemurs because the number of lemur species is decreasing at a sharp rate. And, we have to control this from our action and bringing some awareness.


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