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Famous Tourist Spots of Madagascar for Adventure

The tropical island of Madagascar lies off the east coast of Africa and it homes a diverse range of unique animals and plants which are endemic to the island, which means that you can enjoy viewing them only in Madagascar but nowhere else in the world. In recent years, this island has become more popular in last few years due to its beautiful beaches and scenic beauty. The place is known to have a rich history and culture, which can be explored by walking and visiting stunning sites like Ambohimanga World Heritage Site.  Apart from nature and rich culture, Madagascar is ideal to enjoy abundance of water activities like windsurfing, kitesurf and Madagascar earth adventure. Below are some places that you should visit there:

Amber Mountain National Park

Amber Mountain National Park

Amber mountain national park is located at the northern tip of Madagascar. The park covers gigantic 18, 500 hectares, which encompasses montane forest, waterfalls, rainforest, crater lakes and an abundance of unique wildlife. You can explore the park at your convenience or either take assistance of a guide. The park is known for its stunning bio-diversity, where you can see amazing species of chameleon, lemur and geckos along with a wide range of birds.



is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage site which is located in the province of Antananarivo in north Madagascar. It was a royal city earlier that later became a summer palace for Malagasy royalty. This royal city was protected by enormous wall and 14 outer gates. The largest gate features a gigantic stone disc of 130 feet diameter. The highlights of the place are four royal tombs, two palaces, two sacred basins and much more.

Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park

This park is situated in the Ihorombe region of southern Madagascar, which spreads over an area of over 81,000 hectares. The place is known for a wide range of terrains, including remarkable sandstone formations, wide network of streams and rivers, grasslands, palm-lined oases and deep canyons.

Apart from the above, there are many other places which could be enjoyed during your vacation like Analamazoatra (Perinet) Special Reserve, Adasibe-Mantadia National Park, Avenue of the Baobabs, Berenty Reserve, Kimony Beach, Croc Farm and much more. The list is almost endless because the entire Madagascar is blessed with beauty, which can be found in every nook of the place. You just have to be a keen explorer and the right resort will make it easier for you by suggesting you the best places and informing about the Madagascar kitesurfing spots.


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