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Beginners Guide on Kitesurfing

Did you always want to enjoy the thrilling kitesurfing? If yes, we will guide you to fulfill this dream in a fun and safe way. You must be having many queries in mind like where to take the lessons, location etc. but we have got all the answers for you!

Each kitesurfing spot has its own conditions, and some conditions are easier than others for beginners, but all conditions offer varied opportunities to learn important skills.

Learning in flat water vs. wave spots

Flat water

Flat water is great for beginners who are anxious about learning kitesurf in Madagascar. The predictability and calmness of flat water can be more comfortable at initial learning phase. This allows you to learn kitesurf in Madagascar in a more controlled setting.

Wave spots

Wave spots present beginners with a much bigger challenge. The ocean is more vigorous than flat water but learning in such conditions is imperative to become a kitesurfing expert. You learn valuable skills like board recovery and body dragging.

Zero headaches

Learning in strong winds vs. light winds

Strong (high) and light (low) winds have various pros and cons for beginners willing to learn kitesurfing in Madagascar.

Strong winds

In strong winds, you can learn on a smaller kite which is lighter and faster. This is quite helpful for small kiters. Learning to water start is quite easy in high wind because it helps you to get out of the water easily. However, everything happens at such a high pace that you may end up getting anxious.

Light winds

Low wind kiting skills are crucial for every kitesurfer because it allows them to learn control skills which are crucial for self-rescue conditions. However, low wind often requires bigger kites which are heavier.

Additional considerations when selecting a place to learn kitesurfing

The following considerations are not only in context of water and wind conditions, but these are crucial factors for overall learning!

  • You should preferably learn this activity during summers for a more comfortable learning experience. Beginners spend a lot of time in water and freezing cold water can be daunting.
  • If you are travelling to learn kitesurfing, make sure you choose a destination like Madagascar which offer ideal wind condition round the year. You will also get to meet many other kiters in this place, get recommendations and helpful advice from new friends here!
  • Try to learn the activity in conditions which are similar to your local area so that you can use it often at home.

What are you waiting for?

By now you must be knowing that there is not a single perfect place to learn kitesurfing but every area will offer you its own advantages and challenges. If you are willing to learn Kitesurfing in Madagascar you can visit Mantasaly. You not only get all the needed guidance but you can also get the equipments on rental and the best part you will get access to private beaches and kitesurfing spots for a more enjoyable experience.

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